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It's time you knew a little bit more about us and how we understand our role as travel planners or guides!
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Travel in Romania

When visiting Romania you should be informed and should easily decide what activities you want to incorporate into your stay. That's why we are oriented to helping you achieve this as best as possible
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Mission & Values

We aim at exceeding customer expectation! We like to offer quality, connect with you and go the extra mile so that your time spent with us will be an awesome one!
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Private Day Tours

We opperate with relatively small groups, so you can be sure we'll be able to devote ourselves to making your experience as enjoyable as possible!

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I think that when travelling, you always experience a deeper state that your soul is in need of at that moment.'

How we function and what we offer

Ok, so you've arrived to Romania...now what?

Better sample as much as you can of it's unique experiences. 

That's  where we come in. We provide day tours and travel planning according to your needs. 

We first start by offering some one day classic destination trips which we call 'standard tours'. 

Next, we provide you with the opportunity of choosing your own type of trip and customizing all the specifics of the trip through the 'Custom tours' form. You can either opt for a customized tour in which you will be accompanied by one of our guides, or you can also travel alone or with your group and just let us help you with the planning of your trip.

In both cases we recommend that you go to our blog section, which is called 'Travel inspiration', do a little bit of research, and then just let your imagination decide what would be your ideal travel experience!

Adrian Batanu, Founder of Romania Travel Planner

Hi, Adrian here! I am the founder of Romania Travel Planner. In this section I want to give you an idea about what travel means to me.

Personally, I have been a bit obsessed with travelling. For me it was always about the experience of travelling and I never regarded this activity solely from the destination or from the tourist atraction point of view. Instead, whenever I went on a trip, my journey began before the actual trip would. Whether I had a planned destination that I wanted to get to, or I would just wander around and see where the road took me, it always began before actually leaving home and thus, preparing for the unknown, the road, the people I met along the way, the actual destination, coming back home, these all made up for a unique experience every time. Needless to say it doesn’t stop the moment I return home, either. I need a few hours, sometimes a few days before I can say my trip is over, as parts of it are still alive  in my mind every time I get back from a trip.

I think that when travelling, you always experience a deeper state that your soul is in need of at that moment.

I had a period of about two or three years when I didn’t even buy clothes and sometime along that period of time I got to a point where I really was in need of a new jacket or T-shirt. Whenever I could afford it, I would travel. Sometimes with other people, sometimes alone. I just couldn’t help traveling. I loved it every single time I did.

Then came some really interesting times when I couldn’t travel anymore and I don’t know if that was depression, but I sure dreaded it. I felt like a fish in a tree.

Luckily, that passed away quickly and I could get back to that one kind of relaxation that meant going for hundreds or thousands of kilometers.

Then I thought 'Why not help others discover my country?' and I started this journey at Romania Travel Planner. 



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About us

About us