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Danube Delta Private Tour

from 75 €

After a long road through 10 countries and 4 capitals, the Danube forms the Danube Delta before entering the Black Sea. This tour is all about discovering this enchanting world.

  • Activity Level Leisure
    Level 3/10
  • Group Size Your group
    Up to 8 persons
All about the Danube Delta Private Tour

Tour highlights:

  • ​We start early in the morning at 6:30 when we'll pick you up from your hotel and take an aprox. 4 hour drive to Tulcea
  • ​We embark on a high comfort open boat and go to Mila 23, a fisherman village, where you can have a traditional fish meal (aprox. 12 euro/person) and get a chance to explore the village
  • ​We head back to Tulcea on a different route - get your cameras ready for this one! 
  • Drive back to Bucharest where we'll drop you off at your selected drop off point

This tour is all about you getting acquainted to and experiencing the Danube Delta. For the first-time visitors it's like stepping into a new world. 

You should know that:

  • In terms of biodiversity, it helds third place globally, after the Great Barrier Reaf and the Galapagos Archipelago. 
  • It has the most compact reed growing surface in the whole world and is home to over 7400 species of plants and animals.

We start early at 6:30 in the morning with a drive to Tulcea, from where we'll embark on an exciting adventure into unknown territory using a high comfort open boat. This means you will have a 360 degree view during your trip. This also means that, in case of bad weather, we'll be using raincoats, as the boat has no roof. On sunny days we recommend you use sunglasses, a sun hat, and light clothing with long sleeves, in order to avoid sunburn (the alternative would be a very effective sunscreen).

We'll go to Mila 23 where you can see how a fisherman village looks like. If you want, you can have a traditional fish meal (aprox. 12 euro/person). After you've had some time for yourselfes here, we'll get into the second part of the trip, using a different line to Tulcea. This includes crossing one of the larger lakes in the Delta. This is the part where you'll be surely using your cameras. If not, we have you covered and will be shooting some footage which you will receive via e-mail after our day trip is over.

You'll be up and close with the Danube Delta, the largest continuous marshland in Europe and get to see specific vegetation like white and yellow water lilies, fauna like white pelicans, small egrets, cormorants, ducks, geese and ibis. 

After about 2 hours we'll get back to Tulcea where we'll get back to the car and head off to Bucharest. 

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour Items that are covered in the cost of tour price.
  • English speaking guide/driver
  • Private car from Bucharest to Tulcea and return
  • High comfort open boat
  • Danube Delta visiting permit
  • Life jacket
What is not included in this tour Items that are not covered in the cost of tour price.
  • Meals and drinks
  • Any type of insurance
  • Raincoats
Date Price (€) Number of persons Total price (€)
april to october
160 €
320 €
april to october
140 €
420 €
april to october
120 €
480 €
april to october
105 €
525 €
april to october
95 €
570 €
april to october
85 €
595 €
april to october
75 €
600 €

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Danube Delta Private Tour

Danube Delta Private Tour