Romania travel costs in 2017 - what you'll spend in Romania

Is Romania on your bucket list in 2017? Then it might be helpful to know a little bit about what you'll probably spend here.

Everyone that likes tourism has to deal with a simple question every time they want to travel: a question about travel costs. So, today's subject is about Romania travel costs 2017 and what you will most likely spend on a trip in Romania?

Romania travel costs are getting higher in 2017 compared to last few years.   

In 2016 many economic trends went crazy in Romania. The minimum wage went up, so the costs experienced a significant growth as well. The rent costs went up by 15 – 30% in the last year and now, in the biggest cities of Romania, the rent for an apartment can raise up to 350 – 500 euros / month. So if you have in plan to rent a flat for your holiday, you should keep in mind this cost.

Of course even this price is a small one compared to the European biggest cities.   

The costs of the food and the other supplies went up too. The price of the food (worldwide) recorded the largest increase of the last four years, in June 2016, so it is possible that all the prices continue to grow and this situation clearly affects Romania as well.

That’s mainly due to higher corn prices all over the world and with the improvement of the world’s wheat production.

The fuel is expensive too in Romania and it‘s still raising its value. In Romania you can pay for a gallon of fuel almost as well as the price for the same quantity in other Europe countries. If you want to travel in Romania with your own car, this is an interesting thing to discuss about.

If you take a look at those prices piece by piece, you may think that a holiday in Romania is a bit expensive, but let us tell you something: traveling in Romania is a non-expensive experience and it is one of the most beautiful experiences you will ever have in your life. Let’s see why!


Let’s see which are the advantages on Romania travel costs in 2017?   

All of those costs may be or may not be expensive, but let’s have a look at the next situation: a holiday is usually a short period of recreation in which you want to chill out and forget about your problems. You will not have to stay a full month in a place, so you can go for a short and relaxing trip in Romania, for one or two weeks.

For this kind of trips you can find accommodation at various locations (hotels and private mansions) in Romania. Here you will find out that the costs are extremely low compared to a full month of rent. You can stay a week in a great resort for only 100 euro or at a private mansion with almost 10 - 15 euro / day.

You don’t want to drive your own car in your holiday, because you want to enjoy the silence and the peace of every place you visit and you want to hang out with your friends and colleagues, so you may want to opt for public transport. Now this is the great surprise in Romania. You can travel all over the country in this transport regime and, for example, a trip from one point to the other opposite point of the country will not cost you more than 25 – 30 euro – by bus, or 20 – 25 euro – by train. You can even go for a trip like this by plane. The price might be the same.


And if you want to fully enjoy your holiday, you don’t want to go to the supermarket and buy all kind of stuff to prepare your meal. You can go straight to the restaurant and buy all kind of delicious menus. You will spend like 5 to 10 euro per one meal or 20 - 40 euro if you want to enjoy a dinner in a luxury restaurant.

So, when it comes to Romania travel cost in 2017, you will have to know that the prices are experiencing a growth, but there are a lot of opportunities to travel, spend less and gain much more experiences if you are calculated and you pay attentions at various situations.


Generally speaking, a one week holiday in Romania will not cost you more than 500 – 600 euros in some quiet and nice place full of natural attractions or 1000 - 1500 euros if you want to party like a wealthy person in one of the biggest cities in Romania, fully surrounded by luxury.  

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Romania travel costs in 2017 - what you'll spend in Romania

Romania travel costs in 2017 - what you'll spend in Romania