Solo Female Travel in Romania

Solo female travelers are known to be looking for adventure...well, Romania has lots to offer and if you're a woman and want to discover Romania by yourself, then have a look at this...

When it comes to traveling, women can’t get enough of it! Females can learn so much from traveling alone, but there are definitely some places recommended more than others. One of these is Romania – a much easier and interesting place to travel than one probably realizes. The travel climate in Romania is quite favorable, this being demonstrated by the increasing number of travelers who come to this Eastern European country. Delicious food, historic cities, cobblestone streets, medieval architecture, warm people, picturesque countryside – what else is needed for a full-of-emotions, unforgettable Romanian adventure, that will enrich your soul forever!

Yet, before traveling to Romania alone, form a comprehensive plan that includes tips and advices on things to do, see, cost information, health and safety warnings. Besides having all the necessary information at hand, you have to estimate how much baggage you will take with you. Of course, this will also depend on what season you choose to visit Romania, as in winter you will definitely have to take more warm clothes with you. Winters are quite cold, the average temperatures ranging from 3 °C on lowlands to −15 °C in mountains. Summers are generally very warm, even hot, with maximal temperatures varying from 29 °C to up to 35 °C. Rainfall is modest, averaging over 750 mm only on the highest western mountains, mainly in the form of snow, while in the Danube Delta and on the seashore the precipitation is very low – only around 370 mm per year.

Regarding your circulation from a place to another, it is most advisable to hire a car. Besides giving you the possibility to travel at your own pace, it will significantly reduce the risks on your safety. This is because traveling in public transportation in Romania, like in any other country in the world, can lead to some unpleasant or uncomfortable situations. Taxis are a good means to travel, but use just official taxis and be sure to agree on the price before starting off. Hitchhiking is a good way to get around, but it is usually practiced just by adventurous women. If you are one of them, be sure to always offer money to the driver for his/her service. Also, better travel only during daytime. In case of emergency, try to use 112 on your cell telephone.

Romanians are generally very friendly. Be polite, they like courtesy and are rarely overtly hostile. The majority of them, even if they don’t speak English, are very helpful and try to explain by signs the right direction. If you are planning your trip to Romania in winter or summer, better make an accommodation reservation in advance. In spring and autumn, you can easily find free accommodation. Hosteling is an often-used practice in Romania, but be aware of locking away your valuables. A homestay is really recommended, as it is a great way to interact with amazing people and gain friends for many years. However, coach surfing and camping in special areas is an experience for women who feel to have more courage.

Harassment from gypsies, beggars, or poor people is possible, especially outside churches and main town center squares, but don’t give them anything and try to ignore them in general.

Whether wildlife, scenery, or fresh mountain air is what you’re looking for, walking and trekking trips in the Carpathians let you have it all! Romania’s local Alps are a walkers’ paradise, with knife-edged ridges, meadows full of wild flowers, and shepherds’ camps. The Carpathian Mountains are green and lush in summer, yet white and perfect for skiing in winter.

Woman hiking in Piatra Craiului Mountains, credits: Project-Photo/

You can choose for hiking/climbing parts of the Carpathians such as Bucegi Mountains, Fagaras Mountains, Piatra Craiului Mountains, or Apuseni Mountains. If hiking, trekking, or climbing is the reason why you came here, then you will discover a real heaven.

Peles Castle, credits: Lefpap/

There are marvelous destinations which you can include in your tour like Bran Castle and Peles Castle, each with their own unique style and history.

Brasov City Old Town, credits: RossHelen/

The mountain which overlooks the city of Brasov - the Tampa, is one of the mountains riddled with interesting history. Many people like to go hiking there and check out the view from the top. But another reason why tourists climb it is wandering through the ruins of Brasov Citadel – Brasov’s symbol.

Women who seek new experiences can choose horse riding in mountains, services provided in localities like Rasnov, Sibiu, Poiana Brasov, and Sebes. Female mountain enthusiasts can profit from mountain biking as it should be: single trails and tracks through virgin forests, meadows and alpine pastures, through impressive mountain gorges and along rocky ridges. You can find providers of mountain biking services in Brasov, Sibiu, Cluj counties.

Bucharest City, credits: DorinM/

Bucharest – the capital of Romania – is a great destination for starting a sightseeing tour. This pretty city provides a mix of old, Communist-style, concrete buildings and new, modern structures. There are plenty of museums, historical sites, shopping centers, and architectural sights to see here.

Known as one of the most religious countries in Europe, it is no surprise that in Romania there are churches, cathedrals, and monasteries everywhere, old for many centuries. Visit the painted monasteries of Bucovina, which feature vivid late medieval frescoes.

City of Sighisoara, credits: Cristian Balate Photography/

Cities like Sighisoara and Brasov are amazingly attractive and colorful, with lovely locals who will undoubtedly be happy to see you and talk to you about their county.

Go bird-watching in the Danube Delta – Europe’s largest wetlands listed among the UNESCO sites, home to migrating pelicans, white-tailed eagles, and ibises (about 300 species).

Maramures is a place for the women who would like a cultural immersion. This medieval region will conquer you with its blend of traditional music, hand-made wooden things, and colorful textiles. It’s like stepping back in time, but in a good way, of course.

If you are looking for relaxation and improving your health, then you probably have to try out a trip to the Turda salt mine. The salt mine has been converted into a subterranean museum, while the layout of the museum is almost futuristic.

Mamaia Beach Resort, credits: Photosebia/

Beach resorts cannot be avoided by solo female travelers! The Romanian Black Sea resorts stretch from the Danube Delta in the North down to the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast in the South. The most famous resort is Mamaia, yet many other important resorts, with names from Greek mythology, can be found here: Neptun, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Olimp. However, if getting away from routine and looking for freedom is what motivates you, then it may be more suitable to check out places like Vama Veche or 2 Mai. Constanta is another destination famous among sun seekers. Stay in one of the wonderful hotels situated on the seaside coast, sunbathe during daytime, and stroll along the sandy beaches at dawn. Extreme sports can be practiced at the seaside as well. If you are searching for an adrenaline rush, attend some windsurfing classes, scuba diving in the Black Sea or visit an adventure park nearby your hotel.

Whether you’re looking for adventure, culture immersion, sightseeing, or relaxation, Romania has its own way of luring you!


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Solo Female Travel in Romania

Solo Female Travel in Romania